Perfume Orée dorée

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25,00 - 75,00

Floral and solar Eau de Parfum

50 ml and 8 ml spray bottles




A floral, sophisticated and deep eau de parfum. Orée Dorée it is a mixture of voluptuous white flowers and ylang ylang combined with notes of monoi, vanilla and warm sand that evokes summer and the sun.

Sign your wake with the warm and luminous notes ofOrée Dorée of Virevolte.

This eau de parfum of natural origin with its captivating fragrance adapts to the particular nature of your skin to become a unique and unforgettable fragrance.

For the Goddess woman, unreal beauty...

Wear to shine!

A 99,9% eau de parfum of natural origin, certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert, labeled Slow Cosmétique, vegan formula, made in France, near Grasse.

Not sure if you like this scent?

Don't worry, in your package you will find a sample to test before opening your perfume. Unopened, you can return your perfume to us free of charge using the return slip in your package and you will be refunded.


[ Top Notes ]

Orange zest, water green note, Ylang Ylang


[ Heart notes ]

Tiare, spices, apricot pulp


[ Background Notes ]

White wood, vanilla, warm sand


Each perfume evolves over time...
It is made up of top notes, perceptible for 30 minutes after vaporizing the perfume, dominant heart notes for 4 hours, and lingering base notes for 6 hours and more.

Perfume points

Perfume points

To wear good perfume, aim for the pulse points...

Pulse points are specific places where it is ideal to wear perfume to enhance the scents of your perfume. Areas to focus on: the décolleté, neck, back of the neck, wrists, behind the ears, but also around the joints, to give off a subtle scent with each movement.

Using advice : spray her perfume about ten centimeters from her skin.




More simply, this 99,9% biodegradable formula contains a 100% natural origin perfume concentrate produced in Provence 9km from Grasse, made of natural extracts of plants, fruits, flowers and spices. Added to this is organic wheat alcohol and water.

99,9% of the total est d'origine naturelle
81% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming

* Ingredients of natural origin
**Processed from organic ingredients
Vegan formula


Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Perfume Orée dorée

  1. BURGUIN Laurence -

    It's been a month now that every morning I have the great pleasure of smelling "OREE DOREE" on me, a bewitching perfume that envelops me in sweetness and immerses me in a cocoon that makes me travel.
    It is a gourmet perfume but not too much because the sweet note is well dosed and does not hide the finesse and subtlety of other fragrances,
    For me it's the perfume I was looking for because it's full of sensuality and what's great is that it lasts!!
    I can tell you that during the holidays, we talked aboutOrée dorée because he got noticed

  2. Laurine -

    I received this perfume for my birthday. My sister-in-law was able to make me smell it thanks to the sample system, I who am not a fan of perfume because it quickly gives me a headache, I was conquered by Orée Dorée !!!
    Already by the argument " Orée Dorée for the goddess woman”, but above all by the indescribable smell!
    Orée Dorée smells of summer, warmth, but also softness and comfort. When I wear it, I feel powerful.

    The smell remains largely all day on the skin and evolves well, the more the day progresses the more we discover new notes in this perfume. The smell on the clothes remains for several days. I had put some on a sweater that I didn't wear for a week. The following week, the smell was still there. One pshit is enough for the day.

    In short, I recommend !!!

  3. Clear -

    It really reminds me of summer with the monoi notes… That's why I ordered it! I am conquered.

  4. Audrey -

    Very surprised by this perfume, the smell is really different from anything I have smelled so far. It's very pleasant to have a unique smell that you haven't smelled on half the women on earth!

  5. Charline -

    Very pleasant and long-lasting scent!

  6. Marie -

    Very pleasant fragrance, slightly spicy with a note of monoi, to wear when you dress lightly (spring, summer) next to the skin, very good hold and… aphrodisiac effect guaranteed!!! Great perfume!

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