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One box, four flavors

You like our concept and are dying to test our products, but you don't know which flavors will please you? Explore your different facets with our discovery box for women and conquer the woman you are...

Virevolte Eau de Parfums give you the freedom to explore and change your skin according to your moods and desires. Sometimes Nymph, Muse, Goddess or Fauve, the collection box will allow you to navigate freely through all your desires.

Because it is difficult to choose a perfume without having smelled it, the discovery box allows you to discover the entire Virevolte collection. Ideal to please or treat yourself in all naturalness.

Box that includes the following 4 fragrances in sample format of 2ml:


Oriental, floral and gourmet eau de parfum

Mini spray 2ml

Noir Délit these are notes of pepper, mixed with notes of orange blossom on a background of vanilla and tonka bean, a deliciously addictive fragrance.

For the Muse woman, attractive, transgressive.

To wear to bring out the big game!


Green Floral Citrus Eau de Parfum

Mini spray 2ml

Rose Métamorphose, a floral eau de parfum with a sweet, fresh and tangy olfactory note. It is the alliance of cotton, freesia and rose flowers, green and citrus notes. A real floral bouquet providing lightness – an echo of the sweet scents of nature.

For the Nymph woman, gentle, innocent.

To wear to reveal your sensitivity!


Solar floral eau de parfum

Mini spray 2ml

Orée Dorée, a floral, sophisticated and deep eau de parfum. Orée Dorée it is a mixture of voluptuous white flowers and Ylang Ylang associated with notes of monoi, vanilla and white wood which refers to summer and the sun.

For the Goddess woman, unreal beauty.

Wear to shine!


Woody, Oriental, Spicy Eau de Parfum

Mini spray 2ml

Vert Désert, a woody, oriental and spicy eau de parfum. Vert Désert it's an explosion of citrus fruits – accord of bergamot and orange zest – on greener and amber notes that are exalted in a dazzling fragrance.

For the fiery, playful Fauve woman.

To wear to release its singularity!

Eco-designed boxes

These are boxes made of recycled cardboard, the paper used is not bleached with chemical products and the ink is imprim'vert type. The latter is assembled with vegetable glue and the mini bottles rest on recycled foam. All recyclable!


Non-exchangeable and non-refundable item.


Each perfume evolves over time… It is composed of top notes, perceptible for 30 minutes after vaporizing the perfume, dominant heart notes for 4 hours, and lingering base notes for 6 hours and more.


Perfume points

To wear good perfume, aim for the pulse points...

Pulse points are specific places where it is ideal to wear perfume to magnify the scents of your perfume. Areas to focus on: the décolleté, neck, back of the neck, wrists, behind the ears, but also around the joints, to give off a subtle scent with each movement.

Directions for use: spray her perfume about ten centimeters from her skin.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Discovery box

  1. Angelina L. -

    Super practical to discover the 4 fragrances. Very nice presentation.

  2. Elise -

    All the perfumes are very pleasant, the choice is difficult!

  3. Marine -

    Congratulations for all the work done, it's really professional work, very high-end (marketing, com, packaging, etc.).

  4. Juliette -

    All perfumes smell very good, great for changing regularly.

  5. Agnes -

    All perfumes smell very good, great for changing regularly.

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