Box with 2 facets





The pretty Virevolte box is composed of 2 nomadic eau de parfum in 8ml spray as well as one of our goodies to choose between perfume bracelet, totebag and upcycled notebook. All packaged in a pretty box in the colors of Virevolte. Perfect gift for events like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas.


Personalize your box yourself by choosing from our 4 fragrances. You can choose 2 perfumes of your choice or twice the same perfume according to your desires:

[BLACK OFFENSE], an oriental, floral and gourmet eau de parfum with notes of pear, white flower, a powdery cocoa heart on a base of vanilla and tonka bean. It is a deliciously addictive fragrance for the Muse woman, attractive, transgressive. To wear to bring out the big game!

[METAMORPHOSIS PINK], a floral eau de parfum with a sweet, fresh and tangy olfactory note. It is a lovely blend of cotton florals, rose, green and citrus notes. An echo of the sweet scents of nature for the Nymphe woman, innocent and sweet. To wear to reveal your sensitivity!

[GOLDEN EDGE], a floral, sophisticated and deep eau de parfum. It is the alliance of white flowers, ylang ylang associated with notes of monoi, vanilla and white wood that refers to summer and the sun. For the Goddess woman, unreal beauty. Wear to shine!

[DESERT GREEN], a woody, oriental, spicy eau de parfum. It's an explosion of citrus on woody and amber notes that are exalted in a dazzling fragrance. For the fiery, playful Fauve woman. To wear to unleash your uniqueness!


Also choose from our 3 goodies:

Un perfume bracelet, black or pink in Limoges porcelain on which you can spray your perfume or,

Un upcycled notebook, made from our recycled packaging and transformed by people with disabilities or,

Un Virevolte tote bag made in France Oeko-Tex certified (without harmful substances). Fabric, sewing and printing made in the Vosges.


To allow you to offer our perfumes, we have chosen to attach a miniature of the chosen perfume(s) to all your orders. Once received, test the mini spray(s)!

If it suits you, we will be delighted. However, if they do not suit you, you can return them to us free of charge and you will be refunded.



Each perfume evolves over time… It is composed of top notes, perceptible for 30 minutes after vaporizing the perfume, dominant heart notes for 4 hours, and lingering base notes for 6 hours and more.


Perfume points

To wear good perfume, aim for the pulse points...

Pulse points are specific places where it is ideal to wear perfume to magnify the scents of your perfume. Areas to focus on: the décolleté, neck, back of the neck, wrists, behind the ears, but also around the joints, to give off a subtle scent with each movement.

Directions for use: spray her perfume about ten centimeters from her skin.

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