« To be neither quite the same nor quite another” Paul Verlaine

Like a twirling leaf, we women sometimes reveal, sometimes hide certain facets of our personality...

VIREVOLTE is a range of natural perfumes that gives us the freedom to change our skin according to our moods and desires. Some days femme fatales, and others, simply beautiful, natural. 

Our perfumes are like the different facets of our personality.


Because this word embodies both the strong connection to nature and also the change of desire that a woman can have throughout her life.


Did you know? In a lifetime, it's 14 liters on average of perfume that we are going to spray on our skin. It deserves to ask some questions.

"The desire to create natural perfumes came to me shortly after the birth of my first child, when I realized that my baby was very often in contact with my skin, near the area where I perfumed myself. . I then wanted to no longer wear perfumes with chemical and synthetic molecules. My desire to find natural, sensory and feminine perfumes has become greater and greater. I searched in vain. It was then that I came up with the idea of ​​creating my own brand of perfume to allow women to no longer have to choose between naturalness and pleasure. 

This is how Virevolte was born. - Julie DESOOMER, founder of Virevolte


To combine natural formulation and sensoriality with our perfumes, we have chosen to trust our talented perfumer, Cyrill Roland.

Cyrill grew up in the South of France, in the heart of Provence, a land of a thousand scents where each walk is an olfactory discovery. Having become a perfumer, he worked a lot on natural ingredients for which he developed a real passion.

His 20 years of experience have helped him develop a unique collection of scents that have inspired him in his creation of fine fragrances.


It's sometimes disappointing to smell your perfume on other women...  

We believe that a fragrance reveals who we are and sets us apart from others.  

When our perfumes will meet your skin, the alchemy will operate and because it is about natural fragrances, the smell on you will become unique. Each perfume in our range is an identity signature. 

A natural way to be yourself and look like no other! 


Our commitments

Nature at the heart of our formulas 

Because we believe that the best perfumes are those of nature, Cis for the sake of naturalness That we have created Virevolte perfumes. our 99,9% natural origin fragrances is labeled Cosmos Natural by Ecocert and easily biodegradable.  

In our perfumes, you won't find which natural extracts of flowers, fruits, spices, wood or resins... These extracts are from extraction process ecological such as distillation which gives essential oils ors processes based on green biotechs i.e. environmentally friendly solvent-free extractionss of the planet. 

To formulate our fragrances, we use a 100% natural origin perfume concentrate, organic wheat alcohol and water. 

Formulated with noble and natural ingredients, in our perfumes, you will not find traces of dyes, phthalates, parabens, UV filters, fixing agents, or endocrine disruptors... 

81% of the total ingredients come from Organic Farming. 

[Why 99,9% and not 100% natural?] 

In any perfume, alcohol is essential and is used to dilute the perfume concentrate. Upon application, the alcohol evaporates quickly and remains on our skin the concentrated perfume that diffuses its scent throughout the day. The alcohol used in perfumes and in cosmetics is often rendered unfit for food consumption using a denaturant. Very bitter, this denaturing avoidsr any involuntary ingestion (children, animals, etc.) In our formulas, the denaturant we use is the only ingredient of synthetic origin and represents 0,1% of our formulas. It is for this reason that we display a rate of ingredients of natural origin of 99.9%. 

Sensoriality is also what has profoundly oriented the formulation of perfumes. By selecting essential oils and natural extracts, the idea was to combine naturalness and sensoriality in order to create unique fragrances. 

We are campaigning for a new approach to healthier beauty, cleaner, more respectful of the environment. We ban ingredients from petrochemicals. We find our happiness in the ingredients natural that grow slowly in nature. Labeled Cosmos Natural by Ecocert, our perfumes thus guarantee you components natural and quality.

Respect for animals 

The formulas of all our eau de parfums is vegan. 

Contact we do not test on animals neither on our finished products nor on the raw materials that compose them, as required by law. Contact we don't use any raw material from animals in the design of our perfumes. We prohibit any development in countries that would force us to test on animals. 

In short, it is essential for us to develop our brand in the respect for animals.  

Consume less but better

This is the approach we have chosen to follow, at Virevolte, by adopting the certification Slow Cosmetics as already more than 250 beauty brands.

All our perfumes are Slow Cosmétique certified, this label promotes local brands with a real human history, which shake up the codes for healthier beauty.

To be Slow Cosmétique certified is to have a clean formulation, eco-designed packaging and healthy and reasonable marketing.

For real committed cosmetics

Respect, efficiency et sensoriality, these are the 3 words that define Cosmebio, label to which we adhere.

Being Cosmebio certified means:

  • Have at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.
  • Exclude manufacturing processes that are harmful to nature.
  • Fair trade and solidarity.
  • Practice responsible marketing.

Strict specifications for wearing perfume with fragrances that make sense for us and the planet!

The guarantee for natural cosmetics

Transparency and natural products, this is the promise of'Ecocert for the Cosmos label. A label that has followed us since the beginning of the Virevolte adventure and which guarantees:

  • Responsible use of resources and an environmentally friendly production process.
  • Respect for human health and biodiversity.
  • The absence of petrochemical elements (parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic dyes) and GMOs.
  • Recycling packaging.
  • Have at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Ecocert is an organization with 30 years of experience that has become the world specialist in the certification of sustainable practices.


High Quality Made in France 

We give maximum priority French suppliers to limit our environmental impact, to save jobs in our country and also and especially for promote the quality of French manufacturing. 

Our perfume concentrate is made right next to Grasse (exactly 10 km away), this concentrate then goes to our manufacturing plant 50 km from Grasse. On site, the final juice recipe is made (perfume concentrate + organic wheat alcohol + water). This juice will then be frozen to crystallize the small impurities then filtered to obtain a perfectly clear liquid. 

Our bottles come fromItaly where we still mainly find the great glassmakers. Our large format is screen printed (decorated) in Nice where our 50ml pumps are also produced. Our small wooden cap is made as for him to Barcelona. 

Finally, nbone cardboard boxes are printed and manufactured in the Pays de la Loire region. 

Manufacturing in France also means promoting the development of fields of flowers and thus participating in the protection bees and biodiversity.


Made in France

Eau de Parfum made in Provence, near Grasse.

Vegan formula

Product Not tested on animals, neither on the finished products, nor on the raw materials that compose it, as required by law. 0 ingredients of animal origin.

Recyclable bottle

Personalized glass vials with wooden hood for the 50 ml, and silver hood for the 8 ml, all fully recyclable.

Noir délit


Perfumes to 99.9% of natural origin including 81% of ingredients from Organic Farming.

European origin

Bottles from the European Union, especially Italy. Wooden covers made of ash and from eco-managed forests in Belgium and Spain.

Recyclable packaging

Cardboard boxes made in France from recycled cardboard, FSC paper (from eco-managed forests), Imprim'Vert ink and vegetable glue.