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Made from natural extracts and organic wheat alcohol, made in Provence


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Sometimes Muse, Nymph, Goddess or Fauve, discover our different universes...


  • Perfume Noir délit

    25,00 - 75,00
  • Perfume Rose Métamorphose

    25,00 - 75,00
  • Perfume Orée dorée

    25,00 - 75,00
  • Perfume Vert désert

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2 ml samples to test all our perfumes

To enable you to tests our perfumes, we have chosen to attach a miniature of the chosen perfume to all your orders. Once received, test the mini spray!

If it suits you, we will be delighted.

If however it does not suit you, you can return it to us for free and you will be refunded.

Our commitments

Green & clean fragrances

All our perfumes are 99,9% of natural origin and certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert. Composed of a perfume concentrate of natural origin, made of natural extracts of plants, fruits, flowers and spices,organic wheat alcohol and water. These formulas clean, easily biodegradable, are healthy for the skin and for the environment.

99,9% of the total est d'origine naturelle
81% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming

Formulated with noble and natural ingredients, you will not find a trace no dyes, no phthalates, no parabens, no UV filters, no fixing agents, no endocrine disruptors.

Vegan formulas

The formulas of all our perfumes are vegan !

No testing is done on animals neither on the finished products nor on the raw materials that compose them, as required by law.

No ingredients of animal origin is not used in our formulas.

Let's participate together in the protection of animals.

A transparent formulation


In any perfume,'alcohol is a must and serves à dilute the concentrateé of perfume. It is made unfit à food consumption à l'help d'a dénaturing so that'it is not downstreamé by a consumer.

In our formulas, the dénaturing is there'single engineeréd ients'synth originétick and repréfeel 0,1% of our formulas. C'is for this reason that we post a rate of'ingréteeth à 99,9% of'natural origin.

Healthy, natural fragrances and ethical

Historically, perfumes were composed of natural ingredients, extracts of wood, resin, flowers, fruits... AAt 19th century, the synthesis develops and the first perfume compositions made from synthetic molecules are sold. Easily reproducible, always available, often at a much lower cost, synthetic molecules will seduce the perfume industry. It is for these reasons, that it is difficult today to find perfumes of natural origin. It is in this observation that the raison d'être of Virevolte makes sense. bring healthy, natural, responsible products, sustainable and sensory seemed obvious to us.  

Perfume yourself with natural fragrances, is to encourage the development of small family farms, living from their harvest fruits, flowers or spices. It is also to protect biodiversity and in particular insects pollinators. An ethical way to consume! 

Formulation of natural fragrances

500 natural raw materials available against 5000 in perfumery conventional ! 

Formuler only with raw materials naturalthe is therefore a real creative challenge for the perfumer and a strong bias for the brand 

IThere are many species Natural fragrances, which mixed with each other with finesse and know-how, can bring a multitude of olfactory compositions and unique scents. 

Here are some examples, this list is not exhaustive:

  • Woods like sandalwood, cedar, the oud, benzoin, cypress, frankincense or cade… 
  • Flowers like jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, magnolia, tuberose, iris, honeysuckle, peony ou the violet... 
  • Citrus fruits such as bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, citron or lemon... 
  • Sheets like patchouli, vetiver or geranium…  
  • Aromatics like verbena, sage, mint, lavender, lemon balm or eucalyptus 
  • Spices clike cinnamon, ginger, clove 

The selection and assembly of these raw materials will develop marks sweet, gourmet, sensual, sparkling, fresh, sweet or oriental. Its are chosen for their smell, also taking into account their outfit. The most volatile scents make up the top notes (perceptible for 30 min after vaporizing the perfume), then come the heart notes (dominant around 4 hours) and finally the lingering base notes for 6 hours and more.  

This is why a natural perfume can be just as persistent (hold in time) than a perfume using synthetic raw materials, the construction of the perfume must be thought out according to the olfactory pyramid (head, heart, base). For example, an essential oil of lemon is by nature quite volatile; it is a top note, rose is more of a heart note, and woody, less volatile vanilla notes are more of a base note.  

Consume less but better

This is the approach we have chosen to follow, at Virevolte, by adopting the Slow Cosmetic certification as already more than 250 beauty brands.

All our perfumes are Slow Cosmétique certified, this label promotes local brands with a real human history, which shake up the codes for healthier beauty.

Being Slow Cosmétique certified means having a clean formulation, eco-designed packaging and healthy and reasonable marketing.

For real committed cosmetics

Respect, efficiency et sensoriality, these are the 3 words that define Cosmebio, label to which we adhere.

Being Cosmebio certified means:

  • Have at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.
  • Exclude manufacturing processes that are harmful to nature.
  • Fair trade and solidarity.
  • Practice responsible marketing.

Strict specifications for wearing perfume with fragrances that make sense for us and the planet!

The guarantee for natural cosmetics

Transparency and natural products, it is the promise ofEcocert for the Cosmos label. A label that has followed us since the beginning of the Virevolte adventure and which guarantees:

  • Responsible use of resources and an environmentally friendly production process.
  • Respect for human health and biodiversity.
  • The absence of petrochemical elements (parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic dyes) and GMOs.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Have at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Ecocert is an organization with 30 years of experience that has become the world specialist in the certification of sustainable practices.

The power of nature

Perfume yourself with a natural perfume, only benefits... The best for our skin and for the environment

We are campaigning for a new approach to healthier, more environmentally friendly, more authentic beauty for us women.
We ban ingredients from petrochemicals.
We find our happiness in natural ingredients that grow slowly in nature, often from family farms that are passed down from generation to generation.

Labeled CosmosNatural by Ecocert, our perfumes thus guarantee you components natural and quality.

A unique perfume, an identity signature 

It's sometimes disappointing to smell your perfume on other women...
Our vision : be yourself and not look like others.
When our perfumes will meet your skin, the alchemy will operate and because it is about natural fragrances, the smell on you will become unique.  

To wear good perfume, aim for the pulse points… Pulse points are specific places where it is ideal to wear perfume to magnify the scents of your perfume. Areas to focus on: the décolleté, neck, back of the neck, wrists, behind the ears, but also around the joints, to give off a subtle scent with each movement.  

They talk about us !

Natural raw materials

The Rose 

THEone of the natural ingredients the most inspiring in perfumerye. Some find it a lemony, woody but also spicy note. Others find in it smells of raspberries, blackberries and apples depending on the variety, but also a smell of apricot...


Emblematic for lthe delicacy of its flowers and for its perfume which confused with any other which spreads at night. Jasmine from Egypt is deep, sensual, sunny and fruity, who comes fromIndia is fruity and honeyed, that of Grasse is green, quite animal, floral...


Definitely a base note, a wake. Sometimes animal, sometimes woody, powdery, gourmet. Vanilla belongs to the family of oriental perfumes. In addition to sensualizing a composition, it softens the rawer notes that are often excessive... 



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